Monday, October 14, 2019

Pumpkin Box Class Craft

Pumpkin Box Class Craft

Prepare a box ahead of time and cut a cross in the center.
Have a light or flashlight prepared for the inside.
Have several colors of scrapbook shapes cut out to decorate the box.  
Stickers, pictures, crayons, will also help fill up the front with art and fun. 
 If you have more kids fill the whole box with decorations.  
The bigger the class the bigger the box. The bigger the pumpkin enlargement as well.
The coloring page from Oriental Trading if free.

Prepare ahead for the complicated work that is hard for small children, by having 
artwork already cut out and shapes already cut out.
Make it easier for young children.
The more children, the more box to cover...the back the sides.  This 
 activity will take my class a couple weeks to finish.
It depends on how many children you have and how old they are.

 Ideas - For Older Kids

Have two boxes prepared to decorate - have a race and competition.

I will be sending in more pictures as this project progresses.

God looks on the inside not the outside of the heart.
Is the light of Jesus there?
This was interesting today...
I prepared for this project on Saturday
and guess what ...This came soon after (odd) ..
I can use it for this class. 

 I took a picture of this with my phone.

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