Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Popcorn Praise Lesson - Introduction And Banner - Restored

Song: Popcorn Praise

Praising The Lord No Matter What Pops Up  


There’s all kinds of things that happen to us in life.  Sometimes good things and sometimes bad things, sometimes happy things, sometimes disappointing things, sometimes joyful things, sometimes scary things and on we could go.  Each day is a day of choices and almost like popcorn they pop up to surprise us.  Then comes the choice of how to react to the surprises along life’s way. Some people wake up to a tragedy that comes along.  Like their house burning down or someone they love dies.  We all will face some kind of hardship in our life.  The most important thing through these hard times is knowing how to get through it without them changing us in a bad way.  God talks about hard times throughout the bible continuously.  Each bible story tells us something about facing life’s troubles.  Daniel facing the lions, David facing a giant, Moses facing angry Pharaoh, Ester, taken from her home.  Joseph being hated by His brothers. Paul and Silas in prison – God has given us non- stop examples of hardship and He shares with us the examples of others and their choices. 
Some of us may be joyful today because of some great accomplishment, or a prayer that’s been answered.  Some of us may be angered inside over something someone did or didn’t do.  Everyday will be a new adventure of feelings and choices.  What are some of the problems you are facing today?  Are you very happy over anything?  Name some things God has given us in which we should be thanking him. (short time Of discussion.)
God does not want us to be controlled by our feelings, but wants us to react to our feelings – by following Godly choices based on Truth.  The truths we learn from God’s Word.  Praise is one of the choices the bible teaches us to do through both good and bad circumstances in life.
I’m not talking about the kind of praise and worship services some churches have today, but a time of personal praise spent between you and God or praise during a difficult time. 
God answers the prayers of praising Christians.  God draws close to a person with a genuine heart of praise.  God uplifts the grieving through a personal time of praise.  God gives songs to those who long to praise Him.  God gives joy in the place of tears to those who will praise Him.  If one praises the feeling of joy soon follow.  Praising the Lord encourages our heart to go on in the faith.  Miracles happen in the life of a person who praises the Lord with a true heart.  The devil will flee in the presence of real praise especially praises that include the shedding of Christ blood at Calvary. 
David gives us many examples of praise in the Psalms.  David was a man of praise and praised in both good times and bad times.  He praised through His problems.  Paul and Silas sang and praised the Lord after being thrown in prison for the cause of Christ.  Both Old and New Testament stories have taught that God reacts to praise. 
We need to learn to praise the Lord no matter what pops up in life.  We can always tell God when we are angry, tell him when we are sad, tell him when we’ve been hurt, tell him when we’re happy, pray about things that need changed,  but to be a Christian Survivor,  we need to place our burden on Him and praise through life’s difficulties and by His leading take action as the Lord leads.

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October 8th, 2013

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