Monday, August 5, 2019

Make a Sunshine Basket

Make yourself a basket ahead of time.  Show the kids your basket ahead of time.
 Talk about attitude, being thankful and rejoicing in the Lord.

I used two scrapbooking card stock pages.
The basket is larger than the video
I printed out verses.
I used tape because this is a craft I used
with a toddler.  It doesn't look as neat because it
is not made with glue.
I kept it simple for a small child.

I cut out all the pieces out ahead of time.
Everything folded ahead of time.
A sample example ahead of time.

There are all kinds of baskets in the world.
This activity is for any age.  Make it fit the age.

gift baskets
fruit baskets
food baskets
Easter baskets
apple baskets
craft baskets
bread baskets
storage baskets
and now
 Sunshine baskets

smaller basket - video

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