Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Protect Them

Protect Them

Their little faces sweet, looking up at me, makes me smile;
The things they say and do, make’s teaching them, so worthwhile.

Their little hand clasping mine, trusting as they go;
I want to lead them in the way, the Lord for them to know.

So innocent, so tender yet, the world does not have hold;
Protect them Lord, please, oh please, I pray, protect them from the cold.

Protect them from a cold dead life, that’s trampled by much pain;
Show them Lord, I pray, your love, the love that cleanses every stain.

Open the eyes of each child, I teach about your  Holy book;
Don’t let the devil near them, or get them on his tricky hook.

And if they seem to wander way, into a life of sin;
Gently lead them back my Lord, back to the fold again.

~ Susan Y Nikitenko ~

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