Monday, January 23, 2012

Jesus Is My Valentine

Jesus Is My Valentine

by: Susan Y Nikitenko
December 2008

Jesus is my Valentine;
I talk to Him each day.
He never, never leaves me;
and always listens when I pray.
Yes He is my Valentine;
there is no love like His.
He is the heart of all that is;
for Him I breathe and live.
He's a Valentine that never lies;
never hurts or breaks.
He always has forgiven me;
for all my past mistakes.
If you only knew my Valentine;
You would love Him too.
For His love is always perfect;
His love is always true.
So if your heart is longing;
for a love that never ends.
for someone that is faithful;
you know you can depend.
call upon my Valentine;
He'll wash away your sin.
He will be your Valentine;
and your dearest, dearest friend.

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