Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Spiritual Monster Mash Theme - New Ideas

This Is A Wonderful Idea The Lord Gave Me This Morning To Go With The Halloween Poem I Wrote - The Spiritual Monster Mash.  Check Out My Other Fall Poem Ideas For Fall.

Resisting Sin

The Spiritual Monster Mash

 Lord, give me feet, gospel feet.
That smash the monsters in life;
A spiritual monster mash;
Mashing envy, mashing strife.

I'll  mash and smash out anger;
I'll defeat the giant foe.
As long as you go with me, Lord;
I'll mash them as I go.

The spiritual monster mash;
With my shield and sword in hand.
And my big, big gospel feet;
O, Lord, Give me grace to stand.

I'll do the mash!
The spiritual monster mash.
I'll do the mash!
I'll have a sin stompin', splash.

I'll have to eat properly;
                    Eat lots of wheaty Holy Meat.   (The Word)
Drink lots of prayer power aid;
While working out my mashing feet.

I'll mash out discontentment;
And mash out the prideful thought.
All you ugly monsters run!
You don't want to get caught.

I will mash and I will smash you;
With my big, big mashing feet.
With Jesus as my muscle;
I've got all you monsters beat!

The spiritual, monster mash;
Stomp, stomp, mash, bash, crash!
I'll put those monsters to an end:
Doing  the spiritual..... monster mash;

I'll do the mash!
The spiritual monster mash.
I'll do the mash!
I'll have a sin stompin', splash.

~ Susan Y Nikitenko  ~   
October  23rd, 2011
All Rights Reserved

 James 4:7 
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

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    Game Suggestion

Monster Mash Game

Craft / Game Objective:  To teach us to resist sin

 Blow up quite a few balloons.

Draw a monster on each balloon.

Write out the sins represented.

Select two teams.

Set a timer.  2 or 3 minutes

See who can stomp and pop the most monster balloons.

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