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Pumpkin Patch Theme - Live with Larry and Pete - Updated November 18th - Restored August 22nd, 2014

Live with Larry and Pete
One day Program-Fruit of the Flesh (Gal. 5: 19-21)
To go with a fruit of the Spirit Lesson

Puppet Show Or Skit
Pete and Larry walk on stage
Pete: I am so excited about today! Are you excited about today Larry? I am, o boy I am…uhhh Larry what is today’s show about?
Larry: Well, Pete today we are at Pumpkin Lane Farm to interview Pumpkin Patch Patrick, otherwise known as the Pumpkin Patch Kid.
Pete: Whoa Pumpkin Patch Patrick what a name! Say that 10 times fast! Pumpkin Patch Patrick, Pumpkin Patch Patrick, Pumpkin Patch Patrick (Keeps saying it softly over and over,  bumbling around, during intro until Pete speaks again.)
Announcer (Behind curtain voice or prerecorded): Alright we’re live in 5-4-3-2-1 (Theme Music).
Larry: Hi and Welcome to Live with Larry and Pete. I’m Larry and….. and…and
Pete: Pumpkin Patch Patrick, Pumpkin Patch P-A-T-R-I-C-K!
Larry: and that’s Pete.
Pete: I did it! I said Pumpkin Patch Patrick 10 times fast!
Larry: If you are wondering why Pete is saying that, it is because today we are at the Pumpkin Lane Farm owned by Pumpkin Patch Patrick…
Pete: Say that 10 times fast!
Larry: (Clears Throat) but we know him as the Pumpkin Patch Kid. Oh, here he comes now!
Pumpkin Kid: Howdy Ya’ll! Welcome to Pumpkin Lane Farm.
Larry: Hi I’m Larry and this is…
Pete: Whoooooaaaaaaahh!!!   Look at those giant orange pumpkins they are bigger then me! (runs around saying wow, oh, aww, orange!)
Pumpkin Patch Kid: Yep, here at the farm we grow all different types of pumpkins big and small. But they all start out with a little seed, then you water it and let it get some sunshine and then before you know it you have a whole pumpkin patch.
Larry: What do you do with all of the pumpkins you grow?
Pumpkin Patch Kid: Well, some of them we sell to local stores, others we ship to companies around the country but my favorite part is cooking them and making pumpkin candy, pumpkin roll, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pie!
Pete: Pie!?! I Love Pie!!!Are we having pie? MMMM pie!
Larry: Pumpkin pie is delicious, it’s one of my favorites.
Pete: I Love Pie!!!
Larry: (clears throat) Does it take a lot of work to grow a pumpkin patch?
Pumpkin Patch Kid: Yes, it sure does. Lots of time in the sun, plantin’, waterin’, weedin’ but it’s all worth it in the end.
Larry: One last question before we close…
Pete: And have Pie!
Larry: Have you ever learned anything while working with your pumpkins?
Pumpkin Patch Kid: I’m glad you asked that Larry. My pumpkins remind me every day how if’n I plant the good seeds of the Spirit in my heart as a Christian, good things will come outta me and others will see the Spirit of God in me. And if’n I plant bad things, the same will be true. Take fer example, if I plant some weed seeds here in the ground what will come up?
Pete: Weeds!
Pumpkin Patch Kid: Exactly! So if I plant seeds of the flesh: anger, bitterness, fear, hate, unclean things, fighting, envy, witchcraft, false teachings, idolatry …
Pete: What’s an Idooa Tree?
Larry: It’s not a tree, it’s one word, Idolatry. It means putting anything before God.
Pete: OOOO
Pumpkin Patch Kid: …disobedience, murder, cheating, drunkenness and anything like that, it’ll grow and grow in our hearts just like a bad ‘ol weed seed or a rotten pumpkin seed .
Pete: Ewwwww, Rotten, Blech!
Pumpkin Patch Kid: Ewww is exactly right Pete! We as Christians need to be very careful with what we plant in our hearts.
Larry: That is so true. It is something all of us need to learn. Well, it looks like we are almost out of time. We want to Thank-you so much for all of your time today and for having us out at your farm.
Pumpkin Patch Kid: It was my Pleasure. Well, I best get back to planting, got lots of work to do. Bye Kids! (Exits)
Larry: We hope all you kids will remember what we learned here at Pumpkin Lane Farm today. Don’t Forget to tune back into Larry and Pete Live every week. Same Time! Well, that about wraps it up. I’m Larry and…
Pete: Wait! He forgot our Pie!! Come Back here!!!! (Pete runs off stage)
Larry: and that’s Pete.
(Closing Music)

Written By: Natasha Miller
October 28th,2012

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