Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stock Your Pond (Children's Song)



Stock Your Pond

There is an old murky pond;
Filled with slime from the past.
It reminds me of life's sin;
Where many wrongs were cast.
When I look back at my life;
I'm reminded again;
Not to fish at that old pond;
That reminds me of sin.
So when I go a fishin'.
I'll fish with guarantee.
Knowing that my pond is clean;
Because Jesus saved me.
When I stock my pond with fish;
Like faith and joy and peace.
I pray when others fish around;
They would see Jesus in me.
If you were a pond full of fishes;
What kind of fishes would swim?
Would they be fishes for Jesus?
Or would they be fishes of sin?
Stock your pond, Stock your pond;
With fish that bring joy and bless.
Stock your pond, Stock your pond;
With the truth of righteousness.
So when someone goe's a fishin' ;
With their fishin'  pole.
They would only find good fish;
At the fishin', hole.
Susan Y Nikitenko
June 9th, 2013
(Children's Song)
The word fishes is not the proper word but it makes the song fun so I used it.

Today as a took a walk I saw a man casting his line into the water of a pond.  I said hello and I asked him if  he caught anything.  He said, " I don't know why anyone would want to fish in this old murky pond anyway". Then  He said, "I did catch a nice sized fish here before."  I told him maybe I would try fishing there sometime.  Then as I walked away I thought,  I wonder if anyone could ever eat a fish that came from that pond.  I thought about this a couple days before as well.  I thought that pond needed to be cleaned and stocked with fish.  Well then God used this scene to speak to me and moved me to write this children's song.


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