Friday, November 1, 2013

Popcorn in The Twi-Life Zone - Popcorn Praise Theme Puppet Show - Updated Today

Song Here:  Popcorn Praise Theme 

Melody And Chords Here:

Popcorn in The Twi-Life Zone

A Puppet Show Used To Stress The Importance of Being Thankful - Humor

Fold A Large Card Stock Scrapbook Page Into This Moving Object.  Make Sure The White Side Is What Will Be Showing.   Make Two Slits In Another Page In The Shape Of A Plus Sign Directly In The Center Large Enough To Place The Moving Mouth Through..  Carefully Glue As Needed.   We Have One Goofy Puppet Because He Plays A Goofy Part.  Decorate Your Puppet As Desired.  We Used Huge Wiggly Eyes, Brown Paper, A Brown Color Pencil And A Mixture Of White And Yellow Paint - Making A Very Pale Yellow. It's Not Anything Fancy And It Didn't Cost Us Allot Of Time Or Money. - But The Kids Will Love Them.

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Melody And Chords Here:

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