Friday, January 17, 2014

A New Wing

I'm in the midst of writing a story about a little boy named  Stanley.   In the story, Stanley dreams he is an angel in heaven with a broken wing.  The song you are about to read is a lullaby about God's provision and also the dream Stanley tells us about in the story.

Now we know that a real angel would never have a broken wing in heaven because there is never any suffering or sadness in heaven, so you need to think a little deeper as to what is being taught.  God wanted little angel to do something but little angel couldn't because He had a broken wing.   When God wants us to do something He will always provide a way and in this lullaby - God gives little angel a new wing.

A New Wing

A little angel sat alone on a cloud;
With broken wing, he could sing, but not fly.
All the other angels could do anything;
They could even touch the stars in the sky.

Music notes were floating around in heaven;
Happily moving to a music box sound.
Angels were writing a new song for Jesus;
The most beautiful music ever found.

Little angel stood up , to rejoice in the Lord;
With one glittering wing outstretched, in sway.
Then the Lord took His angel up in His arms;
Little angel got a new wing that day.

The choir of angels gathered all around;
And in harmony they began to sing.
Then little angel stood upon his cloud;
And began to sing upon his golden wings.

O how glorious the sound of the music;
From the heavens could be heard afar.
But off in the distance there could be seen;
One little angel out to touch a star.

Susan Y Nikitenko
January 1st 2014

God's Provision:

Luke 18:27 And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

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