Monday, September 29, 2014

Show Appreciation - Lesson And Visuals

Beautiful Musical Fall: Let's Make Fall More Beautiful By Showing A Good Spirit
In How We Get Along With People And How We Love God.

I'll Be Adding Other Visuals For This Lesson So Check Back To This Post

Put This On The Back Of Your Visual:

We need to appreciate God Almighty by putting him first in our lives.  Nothing should be more important than pleasing Him.  He is our provider, our Father in Heaven.
He didn't have to make a way for us, but He did.  His love has been shown to us by what He did and does for us each day.  When we become born again, He gives us a comforter, the Holy Spirit, the comforter of our soul, who
will abide with us eternally.  He will never leave us nor forsake us. 
We can show our appreciation by obeying the Word of God and applying it to our lives.
Jesus Himself said, If you love me keep my commandments.

Show  Appreciation

One of the things we are reminded of each fall is to be thankful.
All things that we have, all things we enjoy. every person we love, those that love us, each
good thing we get to experience and learn are gifts from our Father in heaven.

When we are thankful to someone, an action sometimes comes along with being thankful.  The action is called appreciation. 
Sometimes we do not realize how much we love something or someone until we don't have them.  Then is when we realize we were not as appreciative as we should have been.
I remember when we moved from our home in Ohio to Oklahoma, after a while I realized  I missed some things I never thought I would.
I missed the smells of the woodsy areas and the sounds of the splashing stream echoing through the hills.  I missed autumn, because I didn't see the beauty of autumn there.  Though there are beautiful sights there, it's not the same.  I missed the taste of our water that flowed from a sweet water stream underground.  I missed the hills and the tall trees that seemed like they were miles high. 
Well, God brought us back to a place that has all those things seemingly, right in our own back yard.  In appreciation I put my heart into caring for it, as best  I can.  I thank God for the times I have been able to feel the old familiar feelings of home, the feeling I knew as a kid.

We should always show appreciation for people who love us, like our parents.  We should show appreciation through our actions, a card, a hug, acknowledgement, or just including them in our day.  One way that you can show appreciation to your parents is by obeying them.  When you give your parents a hard time it makes their life harder.  When you obey them, God is pleased with you.  if you see a job around the house that you can help with, do it.  These kind of actions show love and appreciation for your parents. Appreciation is evidence that we are thankful and is something that can be felt.
When someone does something for you just because they care about you, you should always show your appreciation. A person may even do something for you they really don't want to do, but they will do it because they love you.

I think of Jesus, Jesus did something he didn't want to do.

Let's look at this verse:

Matthew 26:39

And he went a little further, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.


Jesus didn't want to suffer.  He didn't want to be nailed to the cross.  But he still gave himself willingly, because He loves you and He loves His Father.

It was not some random act of kindness.

 Sometimes we don't want to do something, but we want to, for only one reason:  We love the person we are doing it for or we are showing love to the person we are doing it for.

 When someone has spent their own money, taken special time out for you, they have sacrificed, even if it's the smallest amount.  You should show appreciation, even if it's just taking the time to say two valuable words.

Thank You.


Lord Jesus, teach us how to be people who appreciate the people you bring into our lives, help us to show our appreciation to the people who love us and the people we love.  Thank-You so much Lord for the kindness to us in giving us wonderful things in life to enjoy, like the beauty of the fall months.  Thank-you for providing us with daily needs and daily love.

In Christ's Name I Pray This,  Amen

James 1:17

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
Susan Nikitenko
September 29th, 2014

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