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Noah"s Ark - Lesson - Part 1

Noah"s Ark - Lesson

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Noah And The Ark  

Genesis 6: 8-9

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.
These are the generations of Noah: 
Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and 
Noah walked with God

Genesis 7:5

Noah did according unto all that the LORD commanded him.

I would like to tell you a bible story today about somebody that was especially chosen for a very important job. 
God had looked to and fro the whole earth to find anyone who was faithful.  The world had grown to be a very wicked sinful place and God was very grieved because of it. 

Out of all the people God saw Noah, he probably stood out like a sore thumb to everyone else, because he loved God and feared him.  He wanted to please God with his life and family.  He was going about life as normal, when one day something happened.  God spoke to Noah. 

God told Noah how He was angered by the wickedness of the people.  It made God wish he never made people.  We need to understand that God wants us to love him and fear him.  He hates sin and wants us to turn from it.  God has presented us with choices and as we see in this true story from scripture,  Noah chose to serve God and love Him even though the rest of the known world had chosen to serve sin.

God had a job for Noah, God had, had enough with the rebellion against Him.  He told Noah there was going to be a flood.  It was going to rain so much that the earth would be covered and people,  plant life, and animals would die.    He told him to build an ark.  An ark is a giant boat.     God even gave him the measurements  and told him how He wanted  it to be built. 

What do you think?  Do you think Noah listened to God's instructions?  it was so important for Him to follow God's plan for the ark, because it was a matter of life or death.   If He had followed his own plan the boat would not survive  the storm.  It would break up in the waves  and all of creation would be lost.    God had laid out a plan for escaping the judgment of the flood and following his plan was the only plan that would work.  God provided the way of salvation And it was their choice to refuse or follow.

Noah was a preacher and He preached of the coming flood.  He told people to turn to God because God was going to bring judgment upon the world because of mans sin.

Day after day people who past by could hear the hammers of Noah and his sons, They could hear the saws, they could hear the echoes of building.  They pointed fingers at him, they laughed at him.  They made a big joke out of him and his family. 

The people had never seen rain before because it had never rained from the time of creation.  He preached and warned people and offered a place of safety upon the ark. Each day they scoffed and refused stubbornly and turned their ears away from the warnings.   Noah preached for one hundred and twenty years  and still none would listen.

Do you think Noah and his family ever had a bad day?  Yes they did.  Sometimes they may have hit a finger  with the hammer but  they kept building.  They were made fun of and rejected, but they kept building.  People thought old Noah was crazy, but he and his family kept on building.  Nothing could stop them from building, because Noah loved and believed God and taught his family the same.

God told them to gather two of every kind of animal, two by two,  male and female.  Lions, tigers, donkeys, cats, bears,  Every kind?  God has made seemingly unnumbered  kinds of animals.  We must remember God can do anything and we know God was with Noah and blessed him.  To gather every kind of animal would be a miracle in itself.  God had his hand in everything  they were doing, because if God tells us  to do something, better believe he will be right there beside us while we do it. 

Then the  time came,  it was time to shut the windows and doors of the ark.  God said it was time and they heard something,  "Tap Tap,  hear that?  Tap Tap Tap. " The rain had started.  People who refused  to believe were ready to listen, but the door was shut, it was too late.  People were banging on the doors, but suddenly only the storm and waves could be heard outside the ark. 

God has provided us a way to escape judgment.  Jesus is our ark, so to speak, and God's plan for redemption.  God loves people but He hates sin.  The bible teaches us that we are all sinners and none of us are righteous or good outside of Christ.  Trusting Christ for our Salvation and what he did on the cross for our sins would be the equivalent  to Noah's family seeking refuge and safety upon the ark.  It was the only way of salvation. 

Jesus is the only way of salvation, salvation from the judgment of everlasting hell.  God loves people and has offered a place of safety in Him but they must listen, believe and take heed to the gospel of Christ  by receiving Christ into their heart and life.  After death the doors will be closed it will be too late,
Trust the Lord Jesus Today as your Savior and friend. 

Father God,
Speak to each one here today, If there's  anyone here who needs to trust you today, open there hearts and minds to your truth.  Let them see that you have opened your arms to them .  That you want them to come to you and trust you for salvation according to your plan. 

If anyone here is having a hard time at school or home or anywhere, give them the strength they need  to keep trusting you. Help them to  keep living for you even if they have a bad day,  just as Noah and his family kept building the ark and loving you even when no one else did.

Susan Nikitenko
November 19th, 20134
Corrected And Updated

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