Saturday, January 31, 2015

God Put Love Into Creation Lesson

God Put Love Into Creation - Lesson

Have you ever thought about how much love went into one of God's creations?  The flower for example, on Valentine's day , many times  a husband will go out and buy his wife some flowers.  It is one way they  can express their love and devotion to their wives.  I believe God knew when He made flowers ,we would use them as a way to show people that we love or care about them.  We give flowers to people who are sick , we use flowers for weddings and such.

God made so many different kinds of flowers, more than we could possibly number .  They are a very small part of creation and most likely there are some not discovered yet.   God gave each flower kind it's own fragrance, it's own look, it's own color, and some of them can be eaten .  Some can be used to make medications or vitamins. He made them in a way that it would be something we enjoy, though people with allergies might not find them so enjoyable.

Knowing that the flower got so much of God's attention.  We know God put just as much care and thought into each part of creation. 

Chocolate for example, God already knew about chocolate when he made the cocoa bean.  If it weren't for God there wouldn't be any chocolate or sugar for that matter.  God made the taste and put in His own ingredients miraculously and perfectly.  We are able to make foods like chocolate, because God made things like cocoa beans,  in which we ourselves could use to create new things.  His love shows through His creation. 

We know God has made so many things that we could not possibly talk about them all, but I chose to talk about these things because it's our Valentine's Day theme. 

God made us in His image.  He gave us creation.  We can walk, we can talk, we can run, we can sing.  We can feel. We can learn  And we have a heart right in here.  Feel it beating? God put love into making us.   

All over this room we have hearts we decorate with on Valentine's day.  ( Show the Shape) This heart does not represent our beating heart but the place we hold our emotions.  Where we can love or hate, where we can feel sad, where we can feel angry.  We cannot see it unless it shows on our face and we can feel  our heart inside beat harder when we feel frightened or angry.  Our emotional heart can affect our bodies.

This cut out heart , however, represents how we feel about the people and things around us. 
God wants us to love him more than anyone else, if we love anybody or anything  more than we love Him it's a sin.  We have to keep the emotional heart under control because it can control us if God does not have first place.  Being in love with the right person will come in time but we need to be careful with our emotional heart  because falling in love with the wrong person can cause allot of pain in your emotional heart and life.  We need to use our minds and emotional heart together along with the Bible. We should never go on emotion by itself.

We know it's not a sin to enjoy the blessings God has given us, but they should not control us.  God wants to be in the driver's seat of our  lives.   You need to let him take up the biggest part of your heart.

God put love into creation because He loves us and He wanted to bless us with his creation and gave us a heart to enjoy it..  and then came the time He came to die for us , then conquered death, He arose, so we could know him and his love for us and live one day in heaven with Him...

You need to make GOD THE BIGGEST Valentine In Your Life
Because He really IS Your Best Friend And Mine Too. 

No one will ever love you like Jesus does.

Dear Father God,  Help us to love you and put you in the BIGGEST part of our hearts. Thank-you for all the blessings of creation. Keep our our heart clean before you..that we may be blessed and used by you.  Be the Biggest Valentine in our lives that we may be the best people we can be for you.

In Christ we Pray This, Amen

Susan Nikitenko
God Put Love Into Creation Lesson

January 31st

Psalms 139:23-24
 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:
And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting

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