Monday, February 13, 2017

Hymnal Valentines: God's Love From The Song Writers Of Faith

Hymnal Valentines: God's Love From The Song Writers Of Faith

This Is What I'm Working On Right Now:
Tween To Teen:
Learning About God's Love Through The Hymns.

I'm planning on putting different verses from 
various hymns that reflect the love of God.

These valentines could be placed on a bulletin board or used for
a game of learning. 


 I remember God speaking to me through hymns and children's songs
as a child.  I was especially impacted by the song,"Love Lifted Me" and the children's song " Into My Heart".  I was not raised in a church-going family though my parents did believe in God and had a respect for Him. My mother did attend church when I was around seven years old.  They were raised by parents who did attend church.  My grandmothers from both sides taught us about God and so did other faithful Christians along the way.

I am grateful for songs that comfort and speak to children and teenagers.  
Though God was still working on me and still is .. I did care about those things even though at that time of life, I had trouble living up to what I knew was right.  
The hymnbook is full of comforted Christian writers that knew about God's love and had a personal time of worship and devotion to Christ.

Valentine's Day is a good time to speak of this kind of relationship between God and His children.
I came up with this idea of writing verses from the various hymns speaking about "God's love.
Let's see what we can learn about love from the songwriters.

This is the introduction. I will be adding posts along the way.   

Next post pictures of the valentine art
to make your valentines for this project.

You may use the art for other valentine projects
in your classroom. Printable Projects.

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