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The Missing Piece - Lesson

The Missing Piece
(Introductory Lesson)

Today I found a children's book that has many bible stories for young children.  Inside it is signed with love, Happy Easter, to a boy named Josh from his parents, 2005.  I found it at Good-Will, it didn't look used hardly at all.  It is filled with jigsaw puzzles of pictures illustrating bible stories.  Everything  in it is in perfect condition, but it has one puzzle piece missing on the first story of Adam and Eve.
When I found it, my younger 23 year old daughter said she saw it and wanted to buy it, but it had a missing piece.  Eves face could still be seen, it was just that the puzzle piece was missing.  As I was determining whether I wanted to buy it,  I was reminded by my 29 year old daughter of the missing piece of people without Christ in their heart and lives.
It struck me as I realized that Adam and Eve had lost face, because that was the puzzle piece that was missing.  Parts of their faces are the only piece missing from the book.  I wonder how many times Eve must of blamed herself for talking her husband into doing something God told them not to do.  Adam too must have wished he had done things differently.  
How sad it is to know that Adam and Eve lived in a perfect world and had a perfect relationship with God only to find themselves hiding from God because they chose to disobey Him.  They lost something that day they would never get back, at least in this world.  A perfect happy sinless world and a perfect relationship with God.  All of life changed for them, all of nature even changed.  Sin had entered into a perfect sinless existence.
All of this reminded me of the apple themed lessons  for the children.  Though an apple most likely was not the fruit that was called the" forbidden fruit."   The fact is "that at the moment they ate of it,  they started to die physically.
So after saying all this, because of sin entering into the world, all people are born with something missing.  We are missing that relationship with God and salvation that comes by having that relationship.  There is only one way to restore a relationship between God and people.  With Adam and Eve, they had to make a yearly sacrifice.  The sacrifice supplied a temporary covering of sin.  It was then that God would draw close to them.
The blood sacrifice was a foretelling of the spotless lamb of God, God's Son, who would die and supply a permanent washing away of sin, offered to all people.  God has offered the gift of salvation to all who will believe and receive Christ, turning away from one direction of life to follow after the things of God.
Jesus asks those who believe, to follow Him.  Follow His direction, follow His ways.  This is repentance.
We no longer follow after our own ways but follow after the ways of Christ.

It's upon believing and the receiving of Christ into our hearts and life that God restores this missing piece.  A real relationship with God, that happens only through Christ.

Loving parents give their children gifts, such as a book filled with learning for their small child.  A book about God.  I hope one day that Josh will find that missing piece.  Maybe he already has.
How About You?

  God has made salvation simple enough that children can understand it.  Jesus said,  let the little children come unto me and forbid them not.  

Susan Y Nikitenko
April 29th, 2017
Genesis 2:16 -17
And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Father God,  I pray for each one here today.  I pray you will help them understand that God has provided  a way to restore that missing piece in the hearts of mankind.  Christ gave his life and took upon himself our sins at the cross. Your desire dear God, is that we are forgiven of our sins and become your children and a pray that each person here will see that they need forgiveness for their sins.  Open the eyes of those who need salvation today and save their souls for Christ sake.  Amen.

If you have the missing piece to this puzzle could you please send it to me.  Thank-you.

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