Monday, July 4, 2011

Forever and Ever - (Song) - By: Susan Y Nikitenko

Forever and Ever


(children’s song) 2nd version
By : Susan Y Nikitenko

Forever, and ever;
He’ll leave me, no never.
How good He is to me.

Forever, and ever;
He’ll blame me, no never.
His death, has set me free. -- Amen!

Forever, and ever;
His love stops, no never.
Glad, I belong to Him.

Forever, and ever;
He’ll fail me, no never.
On Him, I can depend. -- Praise God!

Forever, and ever;
I’m washed,  forever;
Forgiven, of all my sin.

Forever, and ever;
One day, forever;
I’ll live, in heaven with Him.
I’ll live, in heaven with Him. -- Amen!

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