Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grandma's Blankets - By: Susan Y Nikitenko

Grandma's Blankets
By Susan Y Nikitenko 2010

While Grandma's hands crocheted in grace;
Each blanket for her lovely ones.
She prayed the prayers that Grandmas do;
For family, friends, and all till done.

Each single stitch, She stitched in love;
She wrapped her gifts with fancy wrap.
With smile, she kissed each cheek that passed;
And hugged each one upon her lap.

And while each child tore paper way;
She'd smile a smile that shined to say;
I love you dears, you are my joy.
The blankets then became their play.

Bobby hid beneath the red one;
And Kristin Hid beneath the blue.
And cuddled sweetly with her doll;
Was the littlest one named Sue.

When bedtime came they all were tucked;
And faithfully each child obeyed.
Curled up in blankets stitched with love;
Each child took turns and sweetly prayed.

Grandma rocked, in her fav'rite chair;
With Bible stories on her knee.
And read to them, most ev'ry night;
And hugged and kissed them, faithfully.

A pretend story about love and prayer that has a true message. A message of faithfulness, faith and family.

In this poem Grandma lives with the family as a widow. She spends her time with the children teaching them valuable lessons and giving them memories that will last a lifetime. Let us not forget that choices do effect others no matter how old we get.

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