Friday, October 21, 2011

Bible Poem ~ Gideon


He thought he was a farmer.
But, then, the angel came.
He called him "Mighty Warrior".
Why, he knew Gideon’s name!

He took his father’s wagon
And pulled the idol down.
They had an awful ruckus,
In Gideon’s town!

Many men made soldiers.
But, God said, "No!
A bunch of these guys
Will have to go!

I don’t make mistakes,
And I want the world to know
That I won the battle,
Not you men from below!

Take your soldiers for a drink.
Let a few more go.
Those that lap like dogs,
Well, send those fellows home!

Now, sneak into the camp site
Of your enemy.
Get your lanterns ready,
Bugles on key.

Shout, 'I serve the living God!'
Praise Me and, now, sing!
Know you serve a living God
Who can do anything!"

© 2004 by Joan Clifton Costner

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