Saturday, October 22, 2011

God Is Calling

God Is Calling

God is calling out His warriors,
Calling now, for girls and boys
Who will carry forth the banner
Who can stand the battle noise;
And He wants the noble ~ gentle;
Wants the purest and the brave ~
So set your goals up higher!
You can ride the greatest wave!
Tho you walk thru din and rubbish
You can be above reproach ~
If you keep your council constant
If you listen to your Coach!
He needs those to call “Prince Valiant”
Needs a “Joan of Arc” or two;
Have you thought, my little children
That He might be calling you?
You may see the vulgar gesture, but
You do not do the same;
You may hear the slimy story but
It shall not bear your name;
For you keep your bridle anchored
On your tongue and rule your life!
And you’ll never spit the words out
That can only bring out strife.
God is calling oh, so softly, so
Don’t turn the music loud ~
When He speaks you’ll hear His whisper
Even if you’re in a crowd.
He’s the Master of all Masters ~
Full of mercy, love and grace;
When you’ve waged the war of ages
You shall see Him face to face!

Joan Clifton Costner

Ephesians 4:15 “...lest I become a castaway...”
“Be ye perfect....for I am...perfect.”

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