Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bible Trivia Review - Heaven And Hell

 Trivia Review Questions
Heaven And Hell

Questions And Answers

1.     How many kinds of fruit grow on the tree of life?  12

2.     What are the twelve gates in heaven made of?  Pearl

3.     What are the streets made of?  Gold

4.     What is the river called in heaven?  River of life

5.     Who said “ I go to prepare a place for you?  Jesus

6.     How many true god’s are there?  One

7.     Heaven is a _________ place.  Wonderful

8.     Where in the Bible does it say “I go to prepare a place for you?”   John 14:2

9.     “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” name reference.   Genesis 1:1

10.    None of these will fall down your face in heaven.  Tears

11.     If your name is not written in this you will go to hell.  Lambs book of life

12.        Hell is a place of ____________   Torment

13.        There will be no Sun moon or ________ in heaven.  Stars

14.      Jesus will sit on which side of the thrown of GOD?  Right

15.      What are cherubim and seraphim?  Angels with wings

16.      How many deaths are there in heaven? None

17.       Name a evil wicked Angel.    Lucifer

18.       Who created heaven and earth?  God

19.      What kind of buildings are there in heaven?  Mansions

20.     We will feel this way all the time in heaven.  Happy

21.     God hates this and it will not be permitted in heaven.  Sin

22.    How many angels are there?  Hundreds of thousands X Hundreds of thousands and thousands of thousands

23.    Hell is for those that ______________ Jesus.   Reject  

24.   Heaven is for those that ____________ and __________ Jesus.  Believe and receive

25.    God is ____________ and in Him is no darkness.  Light

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