Monday, February 6, 2012

Treasure Box Poetry And Praise: A Million Snowflakes

One Of His Beautiful Creations

     Though there are some very beautiful people in this world.  What matters is what's on the inside.  To God beauty is a far different thing than the world pictures.  God looks at the heart and His judgment is not on the outward appearance.   That does not mean we should neglect our appearance or make our appearance resemble a worldly way.   All people are unique and that is a beauty in its self, because no two are exactly the same.  It's true a face could look the same, but no one owns your particular face it is still your own and God knew you before you were born.  God loves you no matter what you look like on the outside. God created only one you...that makes you a work of art, one of His beautiful creations. 
Look at yourself through His eyes. 

Susan Nikitenko
March 25th, 2012

A  Million Snowflakes

 Crystal white lace falling free;
Dancing along in the breeze.
Lining each limb on the trees;
Nothing has beauty like these.

A sea of wintry hills;
A scene that stands very still.
Pines stacked with wonderland thrills;
Speaks of a God that is real.

A million snowflakes fly down;
Not making a single sound.
Each one is beautifully crowned;
Treasures of love on the ground.

Each tiny flower of lace;
Has its own beautiful face.
Like people of every race;
Different and fashioned in place.

 Snowflakes are never the same;
But God knows us all by name.
Precious His love has proclaimed;
For It was for us that He came.

A million snowflakes fly down;
Not making a single sound.
Yet they teach wisdom profound;
Showing His love all around.

By Susan Y Nikitenko
February 2nd, 2011

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

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