Thursday, December 27, 2012

Angel On A Mission


Angel  On A Mission

I'm an angel on a mission from God;
I'm an angel on a mission of love.
I rejoice in the heavenly choir;
Sparkling white my heavenly attire.
I'm practicing for our grand appearance;
Which will be a historical occurrence.
All angels in line- are ready to go;
"Part the clouds! - Go have a glorious show!"
The skies are opening for all to see;
And we spring forth in God's perfect glory.
The clouds are glowing from sky to earth;
As we declare the Saviors holy birth.
Shepherds shield their eyes and quake to the ground;
Rays of light are circling all around.
"Fear not'  I cry, We bring you good tidings;"
In awe we sing upon our golden wings.
We sing, Glory to God in the highest;
The shepherds praise the Lord and feel so blest.
For the Savior was born this holy day;
They gather their sheep and go on their way.
We direct them to the star, radiant ;
And they go to find the new born infant.
Ringing bells and sheep bleating all the way;
They find the Savior on this Christmas day.
If I, an angel, were to speak to you;
With Gods heart of grace , in His love so true.
Of  the Son of God , come to the World;
Would you seek the Savior and make Him Lord?
Susan Y Nikitenko
December 20th, 2012

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