Saturday, December 1, 2012

Down On The Farm -

Down On The Farm
Introduction Show
        The Sunday before VBS begins
* Leland Stuckle-Man Puppet with tie and mic and deep announcer voice
*Brink Fretly- Nerdy Looking and sounding Puppet
with big taped glasses, mic, and Hawaiian shirt.
(News Intro Music)
Leland Stuckle: (Enters) Hello and welcome to P-I-ACTION News! I’m your host Leland Stuckle. How many of you have ever wondered EXACTLY how a plant grows? Do you ever wonder if Sun, Water, and Soil ACTUALLY make a difference? And do all farmer’s look like bald, grumpy men with pitchforks? We at P-I-ACTION News have the scoop for you! As we send ONE OF OUR BEST, Brink Fretly, DOWN ON THE FARM!!
Brink Fretly: (Pops up) WHHAAATT!!!
Leland: That’s right, YOU Brink Fretly are going DOWN ON THE FARM!!
Brink: (Shakes his head) Oh dear, oh dear, ummmmm Leland this might not be such a great idea…
Leland: He will find your answers this week in an all exclusive view of the Highbrook Broken Bridge Farm.
Brink: Umm it sounds flooded maybe we should wai…
Leland: HE will go where NO man has gone before!!
Brink: Why Me?  I’m to young to die (cry a little)
Leland: He will Find your answers!!
Brink: And Scary Cows and HAY that makes me sneeze and pecking CHICKENS!!
Leland: Yes, our man brink Fretly is on the job DOWN ON THE FARM
Brink: But I’m allergic to PITCHFORKS!
Leland: Tune in this week from 6to 8:30 every night, right here, and watch as Brink Fretly goes DOWN ON THE FARM! It is a special you won’t want to miss!
Brink: Umm I do Leland!!
Leland: This has been P-I-ACTION News, I’m Leland Stuckle. Goodnight!  
Brink: Leland! Come back here…(Follows him across stage then behind stage) I’m not sure this is such a good idea!
(News Closing Music)
Written By: Natasha Miller

Poetry And Other Materials On This Site Can Be Freely Used For Christian Bible Centered Non-Profit Ministries And must Remain Unchanged In Any Way. All Other Purposes Are With Permission Only. You May Make Requests At "" All my poems with stories are both real and fictional designed to illustrate a biblical truth. All Rights Reserved. Please Include Site Name And Link To This Blog. Thank-You.

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