Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Game For Love Bug Theme - Updated February 16th - Restored August 19th, 2014

Love Bug For Jesus Game
Beautiful Homemade Reward Ribbons
Follow This Link: Song And Be A Love Bug For Jesus Flashcards

Game Announcement:

Okay Kids,
Now  don't be alarmed when I  tell you we have bugs in our classroom this morning.  Now these bugs are hidden all over this room.  They are paper bugs... and  on these bugs are questions about this morning's lessons.  You must not hunt for them during class time or you will lose points during our review game.  Somewhere on these bugs are questions about what you learn today.  So be sure  to listen very carefully.  Some questions are random - these are for bonus points.  Each question will be worth the points written on them.  Whoever has the most points at the end of the game will be the love bug review champion and will get this beautiful homemade love bug ribbon.  So let's settle down and listen very intently.
 It's Up To You If You Want To Give Other Prizes .

To Make The Bug Question Cards:

 Paste these into a print shop program and print out on regular paper.

 Put More Than One Question On The Inside Of The Cards.

Cut 12 Colorful Hearts From Cardstock.

Then Use A Glue Stick To Clue The Back Of The Insect Cards
To The Center Of each Heart.
 Hide The Bugs All Over Your Classroom.

The questions will come from the following places:
The Songs
The Bulletin Board
The Flashcard Lesson : Be A Love Bug For Jesus
The Puppet Show: It has no name right now
but the subject is good bugs vrs. bad bugs.
Children's Church Sermon:  Bugs Of The Bible
Random Questions;   These are for bonus points ... The question could be about bugs
A List Of Questions Coming Soon.........

Go To: Be A Love Bug For Jesus Valentine Plan

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