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Valentine Lesson And Puppet Plan: Updated February 16th - Restored August 19th, 2014

Give To People In Charge

Beginning Outlines For Valentine Lesson And Puppet Theme Plans:

Be LOVE Bugs For Jesus

Flashcards -  Put The Bugs On Heart Shapes
Honey Bee - Love The Word Of God

Ant - Love Being A Servant

Lightning Bug - Love Being A Light

Butterfly - Love Living New

Lady Bug - Love Like Jesus - Red Being Sacrifice

Praying Mantis - Love To Pray
Puppet Show:
Love Bugs Vrs.. Bad Bugs

Puppet Needed  - An ant puppet - It could be a paper one if you have to

One Living Person
How To Treat Others:
Love One Another

It will teach how we should not treat other people and how God wants us to treat others.
In a fun enthusiastic way of course

Cut the hearts out along the outer black line.  Cut each bug out leaving a white edging.  Then glue the bugs on- like a 3D card.  To do this, take a strip of card stock about 5inches long and about an inch wide - fold evenly back and forth to make a paper spring.  Then glue one end of the folded strips to the hearts below the wording.  Then glue the bugs onto the top of the paper springs.  This makes it a bit more fun for the kids because the bugs can move around.  Then the lesson points are to be put onto the back of the cards- so that when you rotate the cards the lesson points are on the card prior the card you are displaying.  I will give you an example once I get the other materials
together myself. 

The Empty Hearts Are For Decorating Your Classroom

Keep In Mind That You Should Practice Bringing the Cards To The Back Of Your Card Stack As You Finish Using Them. Hold Your Cards Up... Give The Introduction, Then When You Are Finished, Bring The First Card To The Back Towards You. Now The 2nd Card Will Be Showing To The Kids... But The Words For It, Will Be On Card One -Which Will Be Facing You. Keep On Moving The Cards Back As You Finish, Teaching Each Card Until The End.

Practice And Know The Words Very Well But Not Memorized.. Highlight Clues As Reminders..So You Can Use Them While Your Teaching. It's Best To Speak As Much From Your Heart As You Can. You Can Expound Based On What Age You Are Teaching Or Shorten Likewise.

Make It Fit Your Class

cut into strips for each card

Check This Out

A girl and a glue gun: puppet tent: my sister whipped out this super fun puppet tent..and i have to was a christmas hit. the kids begged to put on a puppet show...a...

Bulletin Board Verses:

Refer To This During The Lesson

Theme: Be A Love Bug For Jesus

Just Busy Buzzin' Around
Lovin' One Another.

These Are Some Of The Choices For Planning.

This Is Just The Beginning Stages

Lady Bugs -Home Drawn



Valentine Bees - By S Nikitenko

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Craft Ans Snaack Ideas

Craft Idea

Make The Puppet Ant 

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Source: via Mandie on Pinterest

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Source: via Erica on Pinterest

Source: via DawnCC on Pinterest

Helpful References


Be a love bug, a love bug for Jesus:
Buzzin' around,  just, lovein'  the Lord.
Be a love bug, a happy little bug;
Just keep showin' ...Gods  love in this world.
Remember to be kind and tenderhearted;
And read God's Word, prayin' every day.
Because we cannot truly love like Jesus;
Unless we learn to do things Gods way.
Be a love bug, a love bug for Jesus;
Zoomin' around, just, being a light.
Be a love bug, a happy little bug;
Making God happy, doin' what's right.
Remember to serve the Lord with gladness;
Rejoicing in,  New life found in Christ.
Because we cannot truly love like Jesus;
Until  we've learned a life of sacrifice.
Be a love bug, a love bug for Jesus;
Zippin'  around, just, praising the Lord.
Be a love bug, a happy little bug;
Just keep showin, God's love in this world.

Susan Y Nikitenko
January 25th,2013

 I'm Working On Getting The Melody And Chords Together

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