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The Giant Nobody Would Fight


The Giant Nobody Would Fight

 1 Samuel 1:17
Today we are going to learn about a boy named David who stood up against a giant that nobody else would fight.  God sometimes uses someone we think could never be used by God.  God can use anyone he wants to use.  Even though David's brothers thought Him prideful,  God new that David was a boy filled with faith and courage.

There was a war in Israel and the Philistines  were out to overtake their land.

"Goliath was a big ferocious man and was very scary.  He challenged any of the men of Israel to come out and fight to the death.  But none of the mighty men of Israel would go fight the giant. 

Now David was the smallest of all His brothers and was too young to be part of Israel's army.  His day was filled with the peace of tending the sheep and playing His harp.  He praised God everyday with the songs He wrote. 

Now there were times David had to deal with some big problems.  God loved David and God gave David extra strength -  more than a normal boy His age would have.  David was only around twelve years old when He had to fight a hungry lion.  The lion snatched one of His little lambs and David killed the lion with His bare hands and saved the lambs life.   Then one day a bear became a danger, a very bad bear, who wanted to kill Him, but David was empowered by God and killed the bear.  David was very brave and had great faith in what God would do.

David went to go check on His brothers and witnessed for himself the threatening of Goliath.  It angered David.  He said, " I will fight"!  But all his brothers mocked him and told him He was prideful.  David was brought before King Saul.  The King agreed to let David fight and dressed Him in heavy armor that was too big for Him.   He clanged around in the armor , but it was big and bulky.  He decided all He needed was His slingshot.  David must have been a pretty good shot.  He had plenty of time to practice out in the field while watching the sheep.

David went down to the brook , stuck his hand into the water and chose five smooth stones.  Then with bravery went to stand before the giant that no one else would fight.  Goliath vowed to feed him to the dogs and cried out many frightening  things trying to scare David and all of Israel.

David yelled with a loud voice, " How dare you, defile the armies of the living God!  I will defeat you this day in the name of the Lord!"  He put one stone in His sling and He slung it around and around.  The stone flew through the air and hit Goliath in the middle of His forehead so hard it dug into His head and He fell backwards with a loud thud to the dusty ground.   Then He stood upon the chest of Goliath and cut off His head. " 

In life we sometimes have problems too big for us to handle.  Things that tire us from day to day.  Just like the taunting of Goliath.  It could be temptation, or homework that is overwhelming, a problem at home or some heartache we're dealing with.    There are so many things in life much bigger than we are, but with God's help we can face them with faith and courage.  David had determination and did not waver in His faith. He knew God was with Him and did not doubt what God could do. 

 This verse comes to my mind as I think about David

Philippians 4:13   - I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Lord Jesus, help us to have unwavering faith like David and help us to defeat our problems with courage and determination.    In the power of your Holy Name.  Amen
Susan Nikitenko
April 27th, 2013

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