Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Little Seed - Puppet Show

The Little Seed

 Teacher:    Hello boys and girls we have a special guest for you today.  She is well known for her artistic work with flowers at our local zoo.  She has a very interesting story for us today about a very special seed.
Let's give a special welcome to  Angelica Flowers.     ( Lead Class In Clapping Hands And Welcome)
Good morning Angelica and welcome to "Our Garden Party".  

Angelica:  Well, Thank-you for having me.
Teacher:  Angelica we have heard that you have a story about a very unusual seed.

Angelica:  Yes, I found a seed and it was very tiny.  I was hoping to see it grow but a storm came and my seed washed away down into a storm sewer.    The funny thing is I could hear the seed singing as it washed away. 
Teacher:  Are you sure you weren't just hearing things or had too much caffeine or something? 

Angelica:  No I sure enough heard the little seed.  It was kind of funny but the seed seemed quite happy.
Teacher: Well what in the world was it singing?

Angelica:  It kept on repeating -  "Sailing, sailing over the ocean blue. "  And as it washed down you could hear a little echo down in the storm sewer saying .   Don't worry about me I have a very special place to grow.
Teacher:  This is the most fascinating story ever.  So What did you do?

Angelica:  Well, I kept it in my heart for a long time and I wondered what ever happened to the little seed.  I imagined it grew into the most beautiful flower.   Then I imagined it grew into a vibrant vine. Then I thought it would grow to be a tree filled with golden apples.
Teacher:  But how would you ever really know?

Angelica:  Listen, if a seed could really talk -  if it tells me it's going to grow I'd believe it.  Because it would be a miracle it talked in the first place.
Teacher: So your saying the story is not true then?

Angelica:  That's right, but I told you this story to teach you something that is true.

Teacher:  That's good I thought you'd gone a little over the deep end or something .  ( Teacher makes the crazy sign.)

Angelica:  The point is -  when you plant a seed you may never know where grows.  It works the same way when planting the seeds of  the Word.
Teacher:   Oh, I get it.  God's Word Never Returns To Him Void.

Angelica:  Sometimes we may never see the fruit of our labor.  But God does and that's all that really matters.  We just need to be busy planting the precious seed of Truth.
Teacher:  You know something Angelica,  Thinking about the story you told  about  the little seed.  It's interesting it sang over the ocean blue.    It makes me think about our Missionaries who do bring the seed overseas. 

Angelica:   Just goes to show you.  We need to be out their faithfully working in the garden of God. 
His Word will grow...if we never see it here.  We will see it in heaven.  You may never know where it will grow but if it's sown in faith it will grow.  Either here in the heart of the believing or it will grow in the heart of God.  

Teacher:  But the Bible teaches some seed will be choked, and some will wither.
Angelica:  But if sown in faith if it dies here -  it will be counted as righteousness in the sight if God.

God's Word never returns to Him void.
Teacher:  How true and how encouraging to all of us.  It is very hard when we do not see the fruit of our labors-  but if done in faith we can have hope in knowing this:   We may never know..w here it will grow, but it will grow because God says so.  His Word says, " His Word will not return to Him void."

Teacher:   Thank-you Angelica for this fascinating interview.  Boys and Girls let's give our guest a hand and thank her for visiting with us today.   Buy Angelica thank- you for a fantastic interview .
Angelica:  Thanks, You all, have a good day and see you at the zoo.    Exit

Puppet Show:    The Little Seed
By: Susan Y Nikitenko
April 24th, 2013

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