Monday, August 26, 2013

Not By Bread Alone - Children's Song

Thanksgiving Harvest Activities

Not By Bread Alone
Thanksgiving Song Poem

We live not by bread alone;
But by Gods Holy Word.
For through it we feed our souls;
And the Truth we learn.

Not by the fresh stuffed turkey;
Not the roasted ham.
Not by the sweet potatoes;
Not by candied yams.

Not by old fashioned cobbler;
On our window seal.
Not by the cinnamon buns;
That give our nose a thrill.

Not by the bread that’s baking,
Not by pumpkin pie;
Not by Grandma’s canned preserves;
Let me tell you why.

Jesus is the bread of life;
Jesus is the way.
Jesus satisfies our need;
When we read and praise.

He fills us with His presence;
Comforts us with grace.
Fills our hearts with thanksgiving;
When we seek His Way.

We learn, to love each other;
We learn how to give.
We learn how to please God;
And how to forgive.

We live not by bread alone;
But by Gods holy Word.
For through it we feed our souls;
And our hearts are stirred.

Thank the Lord for His blessings;
This thanksgiving day.
Thank Him for the living Word;
The bread of  God's Way.

Susan Y Nikitenko
August 26th 2013

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