Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Our Bundle of Joy

Our A Bundle Of Joy

When babies are born they cry at birth.  I always have heard that babies were spanked at birth because it cleared out the air passage to the lungs.  Babies cry normally for food or any discomfort, but laughter is something that comes later, at least it did with Anna.  Anna is my 5 1/2 month old granddaughter.   

Anna started laughing in her sleep around 3 1/2  months old.  My daughter told me she could hear her laugh in the middle of the night in her sleep.  This happened a few times until the day I was in the middle of changing her clothes.  I was taking her little shirt off and my fingers were under her arm while I was trying to take her arm out of her sleeve.  She starting laughing and even surprised herself.  I had discovered Anna is ticklish under the arms and also under her chin.  The day that Anna learned to smile and laugh has brought laughter and smiles to every gathering of our church and family since.  When Anna smiles the whole room starts smiling.  When Anna was born she looked so  grumpy,  and other people noticed she looked grumpy but she had not learned how to smile yet.   Just because she looked grumpy didn't mean she was.  It amazes me how a new baby can bring so much joy.  I'm sure that's why we call new babies a "bundle of joy".

Something Anna has learned, as young as she is, is to be gentle.  She's learned how to reach her hands to my face.  Anna has reached both hands to my face and looked into my eyes, cooing.  It was definitely a way to say " I love you."  Last night I was so surprised by her.  She had bit down too hard on her teething ring and I rocked her and I let her know I felt bad for her.  I comforted her and she settled down.  Afterwards she put her right hand to my cheek, looked into my eyes and talked away in baby language.  I can hardly describe the feeling of  joy I felt when my grandbaby started talking to me with love in her eyes .  The look in her eyes, brought me joy.  She is so sweet and seems especially smart to be able to express herself that way already.  I just do not remember my grown children expressing  themselves the same way when they were infants.  

When a new baby comes along everybody starts acting like children, Even grandpa.  Everybody makes funny voices and sounds.  The whole family joins in bouncing the baby. smiling with baby, talking like baby and helping with baby.  I have always heard there's no feeling so wonderful than to be a grandparent and I believe that to be true.  There is no doubt about it, Anna has been and is a bundle of joy. 

Susan Y Nikitenko
July 17th, 2017

Our Bundle Of Joy

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